About The Fetch

What's a "Fetch"?

Being that our company name is "Groundswell" we thought we'd keep with the lingo for our members area.

A "Fetch", in oceanography, is basically the distance of water over which the wind blows in a particular direction, thus creating big ass waves (also called a swell). The longer the distance the bigger the swell.
We thought that was an appropriate description for what happens for our members.
Inside this group you are given tools, training and relationships that, in essence, stir your business, much like the wind over the ocean, to create a massive swell.
Get the analogy?
Over time, your influence and reach grows as well as your purpose and bottom line.

About Chris Angell

After selling for 6 years, Chris became the CEO of a real estate brokerage in 2007 at the beginning of the downturn. Within 2years the brokerage became the number office in the city in total volume and units due in large part to finding the right people through strategic training that equipped agents to adjust to market conditions. In 2011 Chris went on to start his own boutique consulting firm, coaching top agents from around the county with clients selling upwards of 60 million in volume each year. He's now expanding his influence to help early-stage agents build lasting, authentic businesses from the beginning.